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An organization founded in New Jersey in 2005, incorporated in same in 2008, comprised throughout time of some eighteen humans, presently of just five, as fingers in a crushing fist. Learn the mission of these mighty yet meek men at TitusAndronicus.net and vote with yr dollar here, so that their quality of life may reflect their massive sacrifices and their overwhelming contribution to society / history. 

All items to be packaged and shipped with love by Titus Andronicus LLC, the aforementioned five people with the instruments, not some lowly unpaid intern or undocumented immigrant forced into indentured servitude, so please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Please indicate if you would like yr item autographed or made out to a loved person for gifting purposes at no additional charge. Titus Andronicus LLC Wrapping Paper will be applied for an additional three dollars.